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Some Of My Observations Presented As Quotes

In life you make observations and you try to present what you have learnt from those observations in a sentence or 2. Well here are some of mine presented as images you could share on Social Media. Which is your favourite . Tell us along with your reason why below.

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Are You Focusing On Your Challenges?

I was actually brooding on this subject of FOCUS the other day and I was reflecting on my personal experiences as well as the wisdom I have gleaned from both my direct mentors and my virtual mentors( By virtual mentors I mean people who I may not have a direct relationship with but who have had […]

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Do You Have A Clear Reason Why?

Let me ask you a quick question. Would you just wake up, jump into your car, start the engine and then start driving around aimlessly? I am sure you wouldn’t. Before you even left home, you would have a clear understanding of 4 key things. 1. Where you were going 2. Why you were going […]

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