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In this audio, DJ teaches on the importance of achieving a level of maturity in order to gain your inheritance in God.

DJ shares on the importance of praise in the quest to break through.

This audio shows you how to discover and use your giftings to provoke breakthroughs.

Are you a coach who has a passion for helping people reach their goals but struggling to turn your passion into a money making business? In this audio you will…

In this audio program DJ shares the road map that you need to follow to help you make the most of your talent and potential in your career or business

Do feel your career needs a boost? Do you feel stuck in your career? In this audio, DJ shows you 7 steps to boost your career and go up to…

DJ Sobanjo shows you how to discover your uniqueness and stand out from the crowd.

Do you feel like you can do better in life than right now? Do you feel like there is more to you than it is right now? In this eye…

DJ Sobanjo shares insights and techniques to apply when handling difficult conversations in order to achieve your desired positive outcomes.

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